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With over 20 years of experience in rendering skill development and training courses, the ARMS Incorporation was started in Japan by Mr Hamajima Masayoshi in Aichi, Nagoya. Acquiring the license of a ‘Sending Organisation’ in the very first phase, ARMS offer Technical Intern Training Program Japanese language training and corporate training to individuals.

Aiming to enhance employability and sustainability in development, ARMS has sent over 10,000 technical interns to Japan. Individuals from across China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mongolia have been intensively trained and have been provided employment in Japan. ARMS aims to impart training directly through Japanese natives to develop individuals holistically and train them to adapt themselves to the work culture in Japan.

Interview with client under TITP program

ARMS Incorporation offers TITP program, corporate training and an opportunity to study in Japan to students. Our courses and training aims to develop individuals to become excellent contributors across various industries and sectors and in all the work they take up. The major sectors where the individuals are sent after intensive training are machining, industrial packaging, care worker, scaffolding, painting and seat product sewing.

H&A India under the parent company ARMS Incorporation Japan registered its India office on 27th October 2018. H&A India has placed over 65 candidates from India in one year across various sectors in Japan after the intensive training. We endeavour to develop potential individuals and help them professionaly by enhancing their skills in the works they would be involved in.

Core Values

Transforming with sustainability – ARMS Incorporation aims to develop and transform individuals and their skills to make them a perfect fit for the work they would be taking up. We seek to develop a sustainable transformational process for individuals

Making a difference – ARMS endeavous to maximize output by imparting intensive training and courses and rendering skills to students which would help them rise and shine.

Doing it the best way – We aim to render the best in the industry and develop the student’s calibre to excel at any work they take up. We offer the best training imparted by the best instructors and officials and groom the best candidates.

Focus on the outcome – Through the intensive training programs, we are committed to extract the potential of the students and focus on individual growth.

Core Values

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