• You will get TITP (Technical Intern Training Program) training, Japanese language corporate training and the opportunity to study and work in Japan with ARMS.

  • TITP or Technical Intern Training Program is a training program designed to develop the skills of students and mould them to make a great fit for the various employment opportunities across various sectors.

    Japanese language, culture and work-specific training are offered as per the requirements.

  • The TITP and corporate training are delivered by Japanese natives or minimum N2 trainers to develop a better and deep understanding of the requirements like language, culture and work to be performed.

  • The organisation places the students across various sectors as per the requirements. It includes machining, industrial packaging, care worker, scaffolding, painting and seat product sewing.

  • Complete assistance is provided to the students whenever needed. Upon the arrival of the students in Japan, they are provided with a 1-month advance training which trains them to open a bank account, make the resident card, teaching related to their work and advanced Japanese language.

    Moreover, we visit the students at their workplace once in a month and we are always present on the call with an interpreter.

  • ARMS Incorporation with over 20 years of experience in the domain has been working across various countries which majorly includes China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thai and now India.

  • In one year, the organisation after intensive training of the students placed 60 students from India across various sectors in Japan. The following number of students across the mentioned sectors have been placed from India.
    Care Worker: 17
    Machining: 7
    Industrial Packaging: 4
    Painting: 6
    Scaffolding: 17
    Seat Product sewing: 3

  • An intensive 6-months Japanese language, culture and work-specific training is imparted to the students before they could take up their work. The training could be further extended to 1-year depending upon the requirements and needs.

  • Click here to see the Job sectors in TITP.

  • Placement Fees:
    care worker : 170,000 + GST
    Other Sectors: 210,000 + GST

    Japanese Language + Japan lifestyle and cultural class
    JLPT/NAT N5:Rs. 30,000 + GST
    JLPT/NAT N4:Rs. 30,000 + GST
    JLPT/NAT N3:Rs. 30,000 + GST

    Domain Language Training ( Required for Care Worker)
    Specialised Care Worker vocabulary : 10,000 + GST

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