Learn Japanese Online JLPT N5 & JLPT N4

Under the Technical Intern Training Program, which ARMS Incorporation runs for its students, over three lakh Indian technical interns would be sent to Japan for three to five years of on-the-job training (TITP) Since Japan welcomes a large number of skilled workers from other countries in a variety of industries, including mechanical, industrial packaging, construction, care workers, food processing, etc., ARMS equip students to take advantage of the possibility to find employment in Japan. Additionally, with a monthly payment of around 2 lakh Rupees annually, applicants may anticipate saving about 25 lakhs in about 3 years while working. For recent grads and young professionals, this clearly appears to be a tremendous opportunity, and ARMs Incorporation is prepared to assist.


And to support the technical interns' attempts to secure outstanding jobs in Japan, ARMS Incorporated has developed free Japanese language lessons beginning at the basic N5 and N4 levels that will be taught by our qualified locals to improve pronunciation. With all of our team's efforts, we are posting brief videos on our website with visual samples to help students better comprehend the content. We have also set up frequent follow-ups with candidates by evaluating them through test modes. The study material is entirely from a Japanese school (Pochitto Nihongo). Our team will give each candidate's question top consideration and work to find an answer.

And now the question arises on why do we need to study Japanese before applying for a skilled Job in Japan?

The short answer is, most Japanese don't know how to speak English. One in fifty Japanese people, according to certain figures, can speak English. As a result, you must adjust to the culture and learn the language as you are moving to Japan to work there.

The ability to thoroughly immerse oneself in a culture is among the main advantages of learning Japanese. You can fully immerse yourself if you speak Japanese. You may interact with people, take part in celebrations and events, and experience local entertainment firsthand.

There is a Japanese language competency test that evaluates candidates' command of the language because it is required for applicants to have knowledge of Japanese in order to apply for jobs in Japan.

The five levels of the JLPT, a test of Japanese language competency, are N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5. The JLPT has no age limitations. Level N5 is the easiest, while N1 is the hardest. N4 and N5 test the degree of comprehension of fundamental Japanese that is mostly studied in school. Japanese comprehension as applied in a wide variety of real-world scenarios is measured by the N1 and N2 scales.

Since applicants must at least pass the JLPT N5 and N4 levels, ARMS Incorporation is willing to assist them for no charge. A free online Japanese language study resource is offered by ARMS. ARMS Incorporation is regarded as one of the top online tutors for the Japanese Language N5 and N4 courses and has more than 20 years of experience providing skill development and training courses. ARMS is always ready to assist its students in succeeding.

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