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ARMS have sent over 10,000 technical interns to Japan.

About Arms Incorporation

With over 20 years of experience in rendering skill development and training courses, ARMS Incorporation was commenced in Japan by Mr Hamajima Masayoshi in Aichi, Nagoya. Acquiring the license of a Sending Organization in the very first phase, ARMS offer TITP and corporate Japanese language training to individuals. A Sending Organization identifies eligible and competent youth and upgrades their skillset through the TITP program.

Aiming to enhance employability and sustainability in development, ARMS have sent over 10000 technical interns to Japan. Individuals from across China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mongolia have been intensively trained and placed in various sectors. ARMS endeavour to impart training directly through Japanese natives to develop the individuals holistically and make them a perfect fit for different employment opportunities in Japan under the TITP program.

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Job in Japan for Indian Freshers under TITP Program

Jobs In Japan

There are several reasons why there has been a sharp increase in Indians relocating overseas including the facts that there is space for greater work-life balance, which many Indians are seen to lack. And if we talk about the Jobs in Japan, there has never been a better time to relocate to Japan for work. The location's aging population is the cause. Japan is a very small nation, and the majority of its citizens are elderly individuals who have reached or are about to reach the legal retirement age. Therefore, the issue had only been brought about here since their workforce had shrunk. The Japanese government is offering lucrative offers to people from other nations so they may come over there for job purposes and settle there in order to boost this workforce. Jobs have so become available in Japan for Indians as well, which is good news for individuals looking to leave the nation for a better pay scale and working conditions for technical interns.

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Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) is an ambitious program to send nearly three lakh Indian technical interns to Japan for on the job training for a period of three to five years.

Commenced in 1993 in Japan, TITP aims to contribute to developing countries, such as India, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., by accepting interns and transferring skills through On-the-job Training (OJT) in Japan. Through the transfer of skills, techniques and knowledge, TITP promotes international cooperation gained by technical interns living in the developing nations. The aim is not just to contribute to human resource development but also to drive the economic growth of the said developing countries.

TITP is a training designed to develop the skills of students and mould them to make a great fit for various employment opportunities across different sectors, such as mechanical, industrial packaging, construction, care worker, food processing, etc.

In addition, we also provide Japanese language, culture and work-specific training as per the requirements.

To amplify the impetus for making India the skill capital of the world, the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) was signed by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan on behalf of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Government of India with Mr Katsunobu Kato, Minister of Health, Labour on 17th October 2017.

Signed on October 17, 2017, the MoC seeks to significantly expand the bilateral cooperation between India and Japan in the skill development sector. Under the TITP program, selected candidates from India undergo three-to-five years of internship in Japan. Upon the completion of their internship, they are required to return to India and utilize the skills acquired by them in Japan.

Under the TITP program, we help individuals to develop their skills as our team works closely and endlessly with candidates. Our purpose is to provide best in class training at different locations, namely Delhi, Manipur, Nagaland, and Siliguri according to the needs of candidates. We aim to keep alive the spirit of sustainable transformation and develop the skills of our candidates and help them evolve into complete beings.
We wish them the best for their future!

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Why Arms Incorporation for TITP Program


Young professionals fresh out of college often worry about whether the college they recently graduated from is effective enough to provide them with decent placements or whether the skill sets they developed during their education will be sufficient to help them land the desired job at an inspiring location ensuring their financial stability and allowing them to progress in their distinct fields while leaving a positive impact on the community within a shorter period that gives them with more opportunities, but with of the high level of competition in almost every field, this becomes a matter to worry about. And hence, there comes a need for someone who can help young technical interns to get through the situation.

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JPLT N5 Courses

H&A India has come up with japanese language classes starting with the basic N5 level that are completely free of cost and will be provided by our professional natives to develop a good pronounciation. With our best efforts and team we are providing short videos on our website with pictoral examples for better understanding of our candidates. The study material is completely from japan school (Pochitto Nihongo) and We are also arranging regular follow ups with candidates by assessing them through test modes. Every query of the candidates will be our priority and will be solved by our team.

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ARMS sends two batches of Indian skilled interns to Japan under TITP

Japan-based ARMS Incorporation has trained and sent over 10,000 technical interns to Japan from countries China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mongolia where they were intensively trained and were provided employment in Japan.

NEW DELHI: As the Corona pandemic situation eases and Japan starts to open its borders for foreign entrants, the movement of skilled manpower from many nations including India to Japan has begun.

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What We Offer


Why don’t you masters while working in Japan with a technical intern training program?

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Corporate Training

We offer Japanese language Training using our best module followed across all the countries.

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Study in Japan

Kick start your career and soar to new heights with the finest courses and trainings.

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Why Choose Japan

The candidate can easily expect wage of 900 – 1100 JPY (Japanese Yen) per hour.This converts to approximately Rs. 1.00 to 1.50 Lakh per month.

The basic living expenses in Japan includes – Accommodation, Transportation, Gas, Electricity, Water, Taxes, Insurance etc. approximately Rs. 50000 per month.

With monthly savings of Rs. 50000 – 60000 the candidate can save a minimum of Rs. 20 Lakhs in 3 years


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